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Natasa Loizou

Natasa Loizou is a scientific researcher and consultant for private and public organizations with a professional and academic trajectory developed internationally during the last 20 years. She holds a BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK), an MSc in International Security (University of Bristol, UK), and she is a PhD candidate in Social Sciences oriented on Defence R&D (FLACSO-Argentina), with a specialization in social sciences research methods (University of Bristol, UK).

She developed her career in Cyprus, Great Britain and Latin America in the academic and scientific research fields as a professor and researcher, assigned in governmental high executive positions, and as a training and project consultant for private business sector, local municipality and nongovernmental organizations. She worked in Argentina as a high executive coordinator and director for the Ministry of Defence, the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, the Aeronautical Police, the Ex National Registry of Arms, the National Agency of Controlled Materials, and as a private consultant at Polaris Consultants LTD, the Municipality of Tigre, and in Cyprus she has been developing European consultancy at Emmanuel Loizou Consultants LTD.

Her fields of work are strategic planning, organizational transformation, R&D and business innovation, quality control and certification of processes, project management and public policy design and development. She is an author of diverse articles, notes and blogs in English and Spanish, a passionate reader of international military and security history and strategy bibliography.

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